Your Technology Partner in Women’s Health

WOOM is a Spanish FemTech company that uses technology, science, and data to help women take control of their health.

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Co-branded App by Woom

Co-branded App by Woom

Help women control their reproductive health through WOOM Cycle’s artificial intelligence using your own label. Offer your users personalized content that resonates with them and get a community of users from 18 to 50+ years of age that will allow you to analyze profiles, conduct studies, etc.

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Campañas de Marca y Educación


Differentiate yourself from other companies with a unique solution. Evidence-based support for any employee profile. Focus on supporting issues related to women's health, fertility and family building, maternity and paternity, return to work. Talent retention is now at your fingertips.

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Education and Brand Campaigns

Education and Brand Campaigns

We create campaigns that are adapted to your business needs in order to increase the visibility of your products and services, as well as contribute to increasing knowledge about women’s health. You can segment the campaigns by country, age, etc., and use the channels that are best suited for your audience or brand (push and in-app notifications, banners, or newsletters)

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Surveys and Market Studies

Surveys and Market Studies

Launching a survey in WOOM means getting 2,500 answers in 48 hours—answers that reflect real insights from our users, not tendencies. We can create ad hoc longitudinal studies for your company, which will allow you to thoroughly analyze the behavior of different profiles in our community.

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Women’s Health Report

Our detailed report about women’s health offers insights based on real, scientific data. Gain knowledge about your target group and develop a more focused strategy. You are welcome to download the lite version of our report.

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Innovation in Applied Data Science

We use artificial-intelligence algorithms to create models that are revolutionizing sectors such as: Menstrual-Cycle Prediction, Recommendations to Improve the Probability of Achieving Pregnancy, and Fertility-Level Analysis

The data we use is always anonymous. We never compromise the privacy of our users and, to this end, we follow the highest security standards.