Your period under control

Track your period each month and learn more about how your cycle affects your body and your emotional well-being with WOOM Cycle.

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Nuestro calendario aprende de ti. Y tú, también.

Our calendar learns from you, and so do you

How long does your cycle last? When does your premenstrual syndrome (PMS) start? When will you get your next period? A very accurate and reliable calendar thanks to our predictive algorithm.

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Your body is wonderful: Get to know it

Some of us experience a lengthy PMS, others an irregular period or intense pain. At WOOM, the content you see is customized for you according to your data and needs, so you can better understand your body and your cycle patterns.

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Tu cuerpo es maravilloso: conócelo
Pregúntalo todo en nuestra comunidad

Ask it all in our community

A lot of women are going through the same thing as you and they are talking about it. Feel supported, because you are.

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Look, in our community they are talking about…



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Estilo de Vida


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Ciclo de la Mujer

Women’s Cycle

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The frequently published articles are very interesting, and they help you better understand how your body works and how to help it stay healthy.

Crisal 77

It gives you a lot of useful information and it motivates you during the waiting period. As a woman, you don’t feel as alone when counting your cycle days and whether it gets delayed or not, if I’m nervous. You can also connect with other girls in a similar situation. I’m very happy that I used it.


In my opinion, the cycle calendar has been quite helpful for me. It tells you the approximate or exact ovulation days, shows you the day you should get your next period, keeps track of what you do and don’t do, sentences like “tips” that make you smile, opinions to share, etc.. It has been very useful to me.

yo misma

It’s free and it predicts your period and fertile window very accurately! It’s also awesome that it offers you tips and a lot of information in short articles that are pleasant and interesting to read. It worked amazingly for me!


The app is like a friend, who gives you tips, motivates you, doesn’t let you despair, and above all, it tracks your period, something I tend to be a bit forgetful about! It helped me a lot! Thank you!!!


Here you will learn how your body works

¡Ayuda! ¿No sé cuál anticonceptivo utilizar?

Help! Which contraceptive method should I use?

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Pechos más sensibles durante nuestra ventana fértil ¿Lo crees?

Higher Breast Sensitivity During Your Fertile Window

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Dormir con tampones ¿bueno, malo o mito urbano?

Sleeping with Tampons: Good, Bad, or Urban Myth?

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And if you are trying to become a mom...

WOOM Fertility helps you understand your body better so you get pregnant naturally or know when it is time to consult a fertility expert.